Special Events:
............ 2/20/06: Several days? Try several years. Anyway, I still exist, and I have a new game! Check it out here: Jawbreaker Clone. Requires Java 1.5. Enjoy!
............1/9/03: Domination tracker offline for several days.

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Dr Tall Land (FW)

Dr Tall Land for Ferazel's Wand. - Final Release
A 50+ level set made for the not-so-popular game, Ferazel's Wand, by Ambrosia Software Inc.

Battle for the Domination of the World for Mac OS X. - Final Release
A real-time, networkable game (with a built-in tracker) in which you shoot targets as they appear for, well, domination of the world.

Note: all stuffs (?) are available in the Dr Tall Land Products Installer.

•Binary Clock - It's a lot harder than you'd think to get a computer to count in its own language.
•TicTac - It's a simple kids game until you play...oh, wait, it still is a simple game, my bad.